Licences and Inspections

The City issues bulletins and advisories to interpret building and electrical bylaws, and to explain building technical and administrative regulations and processes.

Each bulletin's number describes its content. For example, Bulletin Number 2000-015-BU/EL was issued in 2000, was the 15th bulletin of the year, and relates to building and electrical topics.

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Issued in 2018

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2018-004-BU/EL Modification or Upgrade of Fire Alarm System / Automatic Emergency Recall of Elevators October 23, 2018 Revised
2018-003-PL The Use of Once Through Cooling and Single Pass Systems March 21, 2018
2018-002-PL Discharge from Cooling Tower Drains February 1, 2018
2018-001-BU Environmental Separation Design in Housing and Small Buildings January 8, 2018

Issued in 2017

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2017-004-BU Use of Unvented Roof and Deck Assemblies in the City of Vancouver July 14, 2017
2017-003-BU/FI Construction Fire Safety Plans April 12, 2017
2017-002-BU/EL Energy Efficiency Requirements in the Vancouver Electrical By-law No. 5563

Installation of Lighting Equipment in compliance with the Vancouver Electrical By-law No. 5563
May 1, 2017
2017-001-EV Groundwater Discharges from Contaminated Sites

Contaminated Site Groundwater Quality Declaration Form
March 1, 2017

Issued in 2016

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2016-008-PL Stainless Steel Piping August 8, 2016
2016-007-BU/SP Sprinkler Permits March 24, 2017
2016-006-BU/EL Electric Vehicle Charging for Buildings – Load Management July 6, 2016
2016-005-BU Geotechnical and Shoring Design – 1-2 Family Homes June 28, 2017 Revised
2016-004-BU Risk of Encountering Artesian Conditions While Drilling or Constructing Below Ground March 30, 2016
2016-003-BU Post-Installed Concrete Anchors June 28, 2017 Revised
2016-002-BU Balcony and Patio Doors in House and Dwelling Units July 7, 2016
2016-001-PL Water Treatment Devices - Protection from Contamination
(VPBL Sentence
February 11, 2016


Issued in 2015

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2015-009-BU Glass Guards December 1, 2015
2015-008-EV Demolition and Abatement Reporting Requirements

Attachment 1:
Hazardous Materials Report Form
March 31, 2016 Revised

Attachment 1:
November 7, 2016 Revised
2015-007-BU TIPs Building List Update December 11, 2015
2015-006-BU Installation of ISO Exit Signage (VBBL Article September 1, 2015
2015-005-BU Addressing and Suite Numbering
(VBBL Division C, Subsection 1A.12.2)
October 20, 2015 Revised
2015-004-BU/EL Electrical Vehicle Charging for Buildings Withdrawn
2015-003-BU Requirement to Provide a Supplementary Drain Shower for a Single Bathroom in a Dwelling Unit May 5, 2015
2015-002-AD/EL NOTE: Process under review

Clearances from Existing BC Hydro High Voltage Overhead Conductors and Transformers

Checklist for Clearances from Existing BC Hydro Overhead Dielectric Liquid-filled Transformers and High Voltage Conductors to Buildings / Developments

March 20, 2015

Attachment: August 3, 2018 Revised

2015-001-BU Automatic Receptacle Control (ASHRAE 90.1-2010) February 24, 2015


Issued in 2014

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2014-009-BU Vancouver's 2014 Building By-law
Online Version is now available
2014-008-BU The Use of Spray Foam Insulation in Lieu of Venting Roof Spaces Withdrawn
2014-007-BU Conservation of Heritage Buildings and Compliance with Vancouver's Building By-law (VBBL) December 3, 2014
2014-006-SP Procedure Change in Sprinkler Permit Applications for Under 20 Sprinklers October 14, 2014
2014-005-BU Rezoning Policy - Acceptable Modelling Methodologies October 7, 2014
2014-004-BU Building Energy Design Statements July 17, 2015 Revised
2014-003-BU Power-Actuated Fasteners and Drop-In Anchors for Anchorage and Seismic Restraint April 8, 2014
2014-002-BU Use of 2012 BCBC and the 2014 Vancouver Building By-law for Generic Alternative Solutions March 14, 2014
2014-001-PL/EV Grease Interceptors at Food Sector Establishments August 28, 2015 Revised


Issued in 2013

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2013-001-AD/BU City of Vancouver - Energy Webpage
Energy Requirements for Large Buildings (NC & EB)
November 8, 2013


Issued in 2012

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2012-003-BU/AD Building Permit Data Sheet January 12, 2015 Revised
2012-002-BU/AD Sprinkler Permit Data Sheet Withdrawn
2012-001-BU Demolition of Buildings March 29, 2012
rev. October 29, 2012


Issued in 2011

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2011-005-BU/AD ASHRAE 90.1 - 2007
Building Permit Documentation Requirements
2011-004-AD Alternative Solutions - Intake and Processing June 18, 2015
2011-003-AD WorkSafeBC Compliance or Refusal of Inspection Service May 10, 2011
2011-002-BU/EL Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for Multi-Family Dwellings Withdrawn
2011-001-BU/PL Solar Hot Water Heating Systems January 18, 2011


Issued in 2010

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
Clarification for Cancelling Inspections for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, Sprinklers and Sewer July 7, 2010
rev. July 29, 2010
2010-001-AD Licensing & Inspection Services During 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games Withdrawn


Issued in 2009

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2009-011-AD Installation of Temporary Tents Over Existing Permitted Patio Seating and Temporary Tents on City Property During the Olympic Games Period Withdrawn
2009-010-AD Permitting for Temporary Structures Related to the Olympic Games Withdrawn
2009-009-BU Rain Screen Design and Inspection for One and Two Family Dwellings April 29, 2009
2009-008-BU Sheathing Inspections (New Rainscreen Mock-up Inspections) for One and Two Family Dwellings April 29, 2009
2009-007-EL Requirement of Rules 26-710(f); 26-712(b); 26-712(d) of the Canadian Electric Code, Part I September 9, 2015 Revised
2009-006-AD/BU Generic Alternative Solutions for the 2010 Winter Games Withdrawn
2009-005 Pending  
2009-004-EL “Special Permission” of The Electrical By-Law No.5563
Application of Rule 2-030 of The Canadian Electric Code, Part I “Deviation or Postponement”

Attachment: Request for Special Permission
January 3, 2018 Revised
2009-003-BU Structural Design Requirements for Fabric Covered Retractable Awnings August 10, 2009
2009-002 Pending  
2009-001-AD/BU Changes to the Occupancy Permit Approval Process January 2, 2009



Issued in 2008

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2008-009-AD/BU Flood Proofing Policies Withdrawn
2008-008-EL Application of Rule 76-016 in Conjunction with Implementation of “Assured Grounding Program” on a Construction Site. Withdrawn

Parkade Drainage Treatment System

Attachment: Parkade Drainage Treatment System (Pdts) Guidelines
June 23, 2015 Revised

January 12, 2015 Revised
2008-004-BU New Energy Utilization Requirements for Part 3 Buildings Withdrawn
2008-003-BU Building By-law Amendments for Green Homes Withdrawn
2008-002-BU/EL Automatic Emergency Recall of Elevators Withdrawn
2008-001-BU/EL Clarification of Application of Section 24 of the CE Code, Part 1 July 27, 2015 Revised

Issued in 2007

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2007-010-EL Disconnecting Means and Overcurrent Protection for a Fire Pump Withdrawn
2007-009-AD Inspection Services Carried out by Others During Labour Dispute Withdrawn
2007-008-EL Clarification of Rule 14-406 of the 20th Edition of the CEC Adopted for Use in BC Withdrawn
2007-007-BU/EL Clarification of the VBBL Requirements for Carbon Monoxide Alarms Withdrawn
2007-006-AD/BU New Climatic and Seismic Data in the 2007 Vancouver Building By-law April 19, 2007
Kitchen Ventilation Systems April 10, 2007
2007-004-BU Rain Screen Design for One- and Two-Family Dwellings Withdrawn
2007-003-EL Requirements of the Supply Authority (BC Hydro) in Regulated Work March 15, 2016 Revised
2007-002-EL Clarification of Rule 2-306 in the 20th Edition of the CE Code Adopted for Use in BC Withdrawn

Clarification of Rule 30-308(4) of the 20th Edition of the CEC Adopted for Use in BC




Issued in 2006

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2006-004-BU/EL Voluntary Upgrade of Existing Fire Alarm Systems in Buildings Withdrawn
2006-003-BU/SP Exposure Protection for Exits & Exit Routes Withdrawn
2006-002-BU Protection for Steel Connectors, Fasteners and Anchors Used With Pressure Treated Wood Products April 19, 2007
2006-001-BU Next Edition of the Vancouver Building By-law and Use of 2005 National Building Code for Generic Equivalencies Withdrawn

Issued in 2005

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2005-006-EL/AD Permitting and Inspection of Electrically Connected Signs (Clarification of Section 13 and 14 of The City of Vancouver Sign By-law) January 19, 2015 Revised
2005-005-EL Installation of Additional 240 V Appliance Branch Circuits in Dwelling Units May 30, 2016 Revised
2005-004-EL Testing and Commissioning of High Voltage Stations and Unit Substations

Attachment 1 - H.V. Unit Substations Checklist
Attachment 2 - H.V. Service General Checklist
Attachment 3 - H.V. Service General Checklist
August 29, 2017 Revised
2005-003-AD Annual Adjustments to Development Cost Levy (DCL) Rates September 15, 2005
rev. July 19, 2013
2005-002-BU Building Permit Application Requirements for Temporary Tents and Stages April 19, 2007
2005-001-BU Owner’s Undertaking for Tenant Improvement and Lessee’s Undertaking for Tenant Improvement Letters January 14, 2015 Revised



Issued in 2004

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2004-014-BU Seismic Restraint of Non-Structural Components Withdrawn
2004-013-BU Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Applications Withdrawn
2004-012-BU Sheathing Inspections for One & Two Family Buildings Withdrawn
2004-011-BU Green Building Products Withdrawn
2004-010-EL Locking Devices for Electrical Disconnecting Means March 11, 2016 Revised
2004-009-EL Location of Panelboards in Buildings September 4, 2015 Revised
2004-008-BU Update of the Energy Utilization By-law Withdrawn
2004-007-BU/EL/PL New “Suite Ready” One-Family Dwellings Withdrawn
2004-006-BU/EL Secondary Suites in Existing One Family Dwellings Withdrawn

New Upgrade Triggers for Existing Buildings


Spray-in-Place Thermal Insulation


Solid Interceptors

April 19, 2007

Permits for Temporary Power Service Connection

2004-001-EL/BU Electrical Supervision of Fire Alarm System Devices and Signal to a Central Station and Fire Department Withdrawn



Issued in 2003

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2003-016-EL Clearances from the Existing BC Hydro High Voltage Overhead Conductors and Transformers


2003-015-BU VBBL Changes to Balcony Sprinklers Withdrawn
2003-014-AD Permits for Strata Buildings April 19, 2007
2003-013-BU Swimming Pool Guards April 19, 2007
2003-012-AD New Rates for the Vancouver Development Cost Levy


2003-011-BU Washrooms in Mercantile, Limited Food Retail and Restaurants Withdrawn
2003-010-BU Building By-law Guidelines for Fire Fighting Provisions Withdrawn
2003-009-BU/EL Requirements for Verification of Fire Alarm Systems in the City of Vancouver

List of Acceptable Organizations and Qualified Persons
2003-008-BU Extent of Building Envelope Review April 19, 2007
2003-007-BU Certified Professional Program - New Permit Process Withdrawn
2003-006-BU Upgrading of One and Two Family Dwellings Withdrawn
2003-005-BU Safety Glass In Part 9 Buildings Withdrawn
2003-004-BU Demonstration of Co-ordinated Fire & Life Safety Systems June 22, 2015 Revised
2003-003-EL Bonding of a Metal Water Piping System Installed in a Building (Re: Rule 10-406(2) of the CEC, Part 1)


2003-002-EL Installation of Service Entrance Optical Fibre Cable in a Building September 4, 2015 Revised
2003-001-AD/BU Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation of One & Two Family Dwellings Withdrawn



Issued in 2002

Bulletin Number
Date Issued

Revision to the Vancouver Building By-law

2002-009-EL Arc-Fault Protection – Rule 26-724(f) and (g) of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1 (CE Code) September 14, 2016 Revised
2002-008-BU Accessible Floor Levels April 19, 2007
2002-007-BU Guidelines for Alternative Solution Peer Reviews June 18, 2015 Revised
2002-006-BU Enhanced Accessibility for Multi-Family Residential Buildings April 19, 2007
2002-005-BU/SP Zoning Standpipe Systems Withdrawn
2002-004-EV Filming & Special Events September 4, 2015 Revised
2002-003-EV Erosion and Sediment Control
Large Lot Developments (More Than 1,000 m²)

Erosion and Sediment Control Monitoring Report
April 19, 2007

March 1, 2017 Revised
2002-002-EV Erosion and Sediment Control
Small Lot Development (Less Than 1,000 m²)

April 19, 2007

March 1, 2017 Revised
2002-001-EV Construction Waste Sites August 17, 2015 Revised



Issued in 2001

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2001-018-BU/PL Combustible Water Distribution Piping April 19, 2007
2001-017-BU Fire Stopping Systems April 19, 2007
2001-016-AD/BU Building By-law Enquiries and Requests for Interpretation Withdrawn
2001-015-BU Change of use Requirements for Language and Business Schools Withdrawn
2001-014-SP Sprinkler Advisory - Voluntary Sprinkler Replacement of “O”-Ring Style Sprinklers Withdrawn
2001-013-PL Epoxy Coating Procedures for Domestic Water System Upgrading April 19, 2007
2001-012-BU Parking Spaces for Persons with Disablities Withdrawn
2001-011-BU Seismic Design of One & Two Family Dwellings Withdrawn
2001-010-BU/EL Electrical Supervision & Isolation of Audible Signal Devices Installed in Dwelling Units      

September 2, 2015 Revised

2001-009-GS Gas permits April 19, 2007
2001-008-BU/EL Electrical Plan Review

Electrical Plan Examiner’s Transmittal Form
July 13, 2015 Revised

February 9, 2017 Revised
2001-007-BU Structural Design Drawings April 19, 2007
2001-006-BU Certified Professional Program - New Permit Process Withdrawn
2001-005-EL Electrical Permits for Installation Related to Tents and Similar Structures September 4, 2015 Revised
2001-004-BU/EL Criteria for Electro-Magnetic Lock Equivalencies Withdrawn
2001-003-BU/EL Audible System devices in Dwelling Units Withdrawn

Revised Request for Minor Relaxations and Equivalency Forms 


2001-001-EV Residential Underground Storage Tank Removal Withdrawn



Issued in 2000

Bulletin Number
Date Issued
2000-071-BU/AD Building Envelope Professionals Withdrawn
2000-070-BU Smoke Venting of High Building Withdrawn
2000-069-BU/SP Sprinkler Based Alternative Solutions Performance and Reliability Issues June 2, 2015 Revised
2000-068-BU/SP Congregate Care Housing Withdrawn
2000-067-AD Certified Professional Program/Mandatory Errors and Omissions Insurance April 19, 2007
2000-066-EV Contaminated Sites Groundwater Discharge Fees August 19, 2015 Revised
2000-065-EV Hazardous Materials Reporting Withdrawn
2000-064-BU Structural Audit Reviews Withdrawn
2000-063-AD Alternative Solution Proposals and Acceptance of Existing Conditions with Mitigating Features June 18, 2015 Revised
2000-062-BU Headroom in Dwelling Units April 19, 2007
2000-061-BU  Wood Frame Shear Wall and Diaphragm Assemblies


2000-060-BU Certified Professional Submissions Withdrawn
2000-059-AD Building Permit Application Submissions Withdrawn
2000-058-PL Separation of Roof Drainage and Foundation Drains April 19, 2007
rev. April 7, 2009
2000-057-BU Foundations in Areas of Peat Bogs or Soft Soils April 19, 2007
2000-056-EV Concrete Deliveries and Finishing January 28, 2015 Revised
2000-055-EV Automotive Dismantlers and Parts Recyclers June 4, 2015 Revised
2000-054-EV Restaurants June 8, 2015 Revised
2000-053-EV Automotive Sales and Servicing Operations August 17, 2015 Revised
2000-052-EV Carpet Cleaners and Janitorial Services August 17, 2015 Revised
2000-051-EV Painting Contractors August 17, 2015 Revised
2000-050-EV Fuel Dispensing July 22, 2015 Revised
2000-049-EV Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas June 15, 2016 Revised
2000-048-EL Information Required for an Electrical Permit When a Portable Unit Substation is Used September 4, 2015 Revised
2000-047-EL Connectors for Systems Grounding Conductors Withdrawn
2000-046-EL Grounding of Cellular Communication Equipment Installed in Building Roofs March 11, 2016 Revised
2000-045-EL Installation of Electrical Equipment in Electrical Vaults and Rooms March 11, 2016 Revised
2000-044-EL  Ground Fault Protection of Heat-Tracing Cables for Pipe and Soil Heating, Ice or Snow Melting on Roofs or Concrete or Asphalt Surfaces, and Similar Applications other than Space Heating September 9, 2015 Revised
2000-043-EL Electrical Permit Fees for the Installation of Security Alarm Systems Withdrawn
2000-042-EL Panelboards and Circuits in Dwellings with Secondary Suites or Lock-off Units September 23, 2015 Revised
2000-041-EL Electrically Connected Exit Signs May 24, 2016 Revised
2000-040-EL Installation of Lightning Protection for Buildings March 11, 2016 Revised
2000-039-EL Installation of Electrical Equipment in Plenums Withdrawn
2000-038-EL Installation of Grounding Conductors for Communications Systems Withdrawn
2000-037-EL Bonding of Interior Gas Piping (Re: Rule 10-406(4) of the City  of Vancouver Electrical By-Law No. 5563) Withdrawn
2000-036-EL Compliance of Installations with Accepted Plans Withdrawn
2000-035-EL/SP Power Supply Requirements for Electrical Components of Sprinkler Systems Installed in Attached Family Dwellings (Such as Triplex, Fourplex and Row Housing)

April 27, 2016 Revised

2000-034-EL Installation of Raceways for H.V. Supply Services Withdrawn
2000-033-EL Rating of Conductors Supplying Permanently Connected Built-in Cooking Units in Residential Occupancies Withdrawn
2000-032-EL Electrical Inspections of Swimming Pools Withdrawn
2000-031-EL/SP Pumps for Sprinkler Systems in Buildings Sprinklered to NFPA 13D June 18, 2015 Revised
2000-030-EL Interpretation of Rule 68-068(7) of the CEC, Part 1 Withdrawn
2000-029-EL Unit Substations Withdrawn
2000-028-EL Location of Consumer’s Service Conductors and Consumer’s Service Equipment (Canadian Electric Code [CEC] Rules 6-208 and 6-206) September 4, 2015 Revised
2000-027-EL Requirements for Bar Counter Receptacles in One and Two Family Dwellings and Temporary Power for Electrical Installations September 23, 2015 Revised
2000-026-EL Applications for Electrical Permits To Do Electrical Work in Hazardous Locations April 22, 2016 Revised
2000-025-EL Residential Sump Pumps September 4, 2015 Revised
2000-024-EL  Sprinkler Equipment Rule 26-008 of CEC, Part 1 Withdrawn
2000-023-EL Access to Electrical Equipment in Ceiling Spaces Withdrawn
2000-022-EL Emergency Electrical Power Supply for Buildings CSA Standard C282-05 Verification of Installation Withdrawn
2000-021-BU/EL Verification of Fire Alarm Systems

Attachment: Appendix C
November 1, 2018
2000-020-EL Inspections for Strata Title Conversion of Existing Buildings Withdrawn
2000-019-BU/EL Signals to Fire Department Via Fire Alarm Signal Transmitting Unit from Protected Premises to Fire Signal Receiving Centre in conformance with CAN/ULC-S561 August 11, 2015
2000-018-EL Electrical Permit Requirements for the Entertainment and Film Industry September 4, 2015 Revised
2000-017-EL Illumination of Exits Withdrawn
2000-016-EL/PL/SP Protection of Standpipes and Sprinkler Piping Against Freezing January 17, 2018 Revised
2000-015-BU/EL Emergency Generator Rooms October 5, 2015 Revised

November 20, 2017 Revised
2000-014-BU Minimum Headroom for Balcony Doors in Single Family Dwelling Units Withdrawn
2000-013-BU/EL Locks on Egress and Exit Doors (with emphasis on electromechanical and electromagnetic hardware) July 6, 2016 Revised
2000-012-BU/SP Sprinklers Exemptions April 19, 2007
2000-011-BU Detached Garage and Parking Slab Elevations for One and Two Family Dwellings January 12, 2015 Revised
2000-010-AD Site Inspection Records Bag April 19, 2007
2000-009-BU Elevator Lobby Access to Exits July 6, 2016 Revised
2000-008-EL/PL Storm Sump “Pump” Regulations September 4, 2015 Revised
2000-007-SP Frost Protection for Sprinkler Piping in Wood Frame Construction April 19, 2007
2000-006-BU/PL Roof Drainage System for Detached Accessory Buildings April 19, 2007
2000-005-PL Procedure for Requesting Water Service Installation Withdrawn
2000-004-SP Sprinklers in Crawl Spaces April 19, 2007
2000-003-PL Fan-Assisted Furnaces Withdrawn
2000-002-PL Radiant Floor Heating System  Withdrawn
2000-001-BU/PL Lot Drainage Requirements for New Homes April 19, 2007